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Data Analytics School

With our Data Analytics program, you’ll efficiently learn to analyze large data sets, build reproducible data analytics and data-powered systems, and communicate your findings.


3 Months

(Weekday and Weekend)


Physical/Virtual Live




Instructors and Coaches


20th of May, 2024

Tue: 12PM – 2:00PM WAT
Wed: 12PM – 2:00PM WAT
Thur: 12PM – 2:00PM WAT
Sat: 10AM – 12:NOON WAT

Your Learning Journey

Sprint 1

Data Fundamentals

Our team of expert instructors will take you by the hand, helping you start your data analytics journey with an introduction to data by learning key and fundamental concepts and new skills for approaching and solving data problems. Here you will be diving into data gathering, and understanding the guiding principles behind an unbiased and efficient data analytics process. At the end of this foundational period,you would understand how data should be collected and prepared for data analysis.

Key Skills: Excel, Power Bi, SQL


Get Started with Data Analysis

Comprehensive Data Analytics classes with detailed and instructor-led sessions designed to help you learn the fundamental skills you need in learning how to gather and clean raw data sets.


Database Query and Management

Learn the language you need to query databases. In this hands-on course, you will focus on relational databases, which are widely used to store data, and SQL, the language used to query the database. Data is the core of any business intelligence and a good working knowledge of SQL will take you a long way.


Learn Excel for Data

Learn Excel, one of the most popular data analysis tools, to help analyze, wrangle and even visualize and gain insights from your data set.


Capstone Project

Capstone Project validates your learning. Enjoy access to industry experts as you create your first portfolio as a Data Analyst.


Learn Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

Seamlessly and efficiently analyze raw data, generate actionable insights, and visualize them using a comprehensive reports & charts that communicates your findings

Sprint 2

Learn Data Analytics from Expert Trainers!

Here is your delve into the core aspect of Data Analytics with the visualization and analysis of data for business intelligence and decision making.   This course prepares you for a journey in analysing data  in 3 months, with intensive workshops, labs and assignments, at the end of this course you would have created a robust portfolio needed to land your next tech role. 

Key Skills: Python, Big Data Analysis, Tableau

Analyze, Collaborate and Share Your Big Data Insight

Learn end-to-end data analytics tool that allows you to prep, analyze, collaborate, Visualize and share your big data insights. allowing people to ask new questions big data and easily share those insights across the organization of all sizes.


Capstone Project

Capstone Project validates your learning. Enjoy access to industry experts as you create your first portfolio as a Data scientist.


Big Data Management Made Easy

Learn how to manage data in relational database. Interact with multiple databases at once and help organizations make key decisions faster.


Manage Data Dashboard Like a Pro

Analyze, process and model big data and interpret data to help companies and managers make better and faster decisions and create actionable plans for companies and other organizations

Consolidate Your Learnings

Fast Track Your Growth

Culminate your learning with a Full Portfolio of projects showcasing your ability to analyze, visualize, and interpret large and big data using widely accepted tools and skill sets in Excel, PowerBi, and  SQL with Full-Stack Capstone Projects. Your journey into the world of data science starts here. Our expert trainers will help you develop your skills through hands-on training. With the right coaches and mentors, you will find out how exciting it is to gather, clean, wrangle, interpret and visualize data. You would be ready to handle data like a Pro

Key Skills: Problem Solving, Database Management, Portfolios

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Learning Outcome


Build and Access Database Model


Execute Statistical Analysis with Professional Software

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Appropriate Programming Skills for Data Management


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