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Our Programs

Backend Web Development

Learn the language you need to query databases. In this hands-on course, you will focus on relational databases, which are widely used to store data, and SQL. Learn server-scripting languages such as PHP and Python and explore the use of Django as a Framework.

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Frontend Web Development

Get familiar with the latest web developer technologies and ecosystems and how to design websites with users in mind. Learn HTML and CSS, you will learn how to put things exactly where you want them on your web projects using flexbox and Bootstrap Framework.

Data Science
Data Analytics

Comprehensive Data Analytics classes with detailed and instructor-led sessions designed to help you learn the fundamental skills you need in learning how to gather and clean raw data sets. Analyze raw data, visualize them and generate actionable insights with these data.

UI/UX Design

Learn User Experience usually called UX, which mainly focuses on how users engage with Products ( Website, Apps..etc), and User Interfaces mainly called UI which is used to build graphical layouts for all types of digital products. Enjoy UI/UX training from experts with real-time scenarios.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why CodeSchool Africa?

CodeSchool Africa’s program is intensive and immersive with the aim to equip entry-level and previously non-techies with the skills required for a successful career in the tech space. CodeSchool equips in globally recognized tech skills, the program also allows our participants to learn soft skills that prepares them for a career in Tech. 

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the training? 

Yes, you certainly will. However, certificates are issued to students who have completed their assignments during the cohorts as well as capstone projects.

How much is the tuition fee and can I pay in installments?

We have two different payment options available to you. Students can decide to make full tuition payment or in installments. To see all of your payment options, go to the tuition page
Is there a start and end date for the registration?

Registration for the next cohorts is on a rolling basis.

Courses currently available in the program?

1. Frontend Development

2. Backend Development

3. Product Design

4. Data Science

Please note that some of the above courses are made in digestable programs to fit learners budgets, time and requirements. Our courses are constantly reviewed with new additions introduced.

What is CodeSchool Africa mode of training?

CodeSchool Africa uses an hybrid learning approach. We have available physical classes only in Ibadan currently and intensive online classes, The classes and workshops are fully online. Learners either online or physical  will have access to live classes, facilitators, mentors and learning  groups. 

What is the registration process?

Our enrolllment process is very simple:

1. Apply and pay the application fee of ₦5,000.

2. Sign the enrollment document

3. Select a tuition option and make payment, and you are on your way to becoming a techie.

When are classes starting?

Enrollment is on a rolling basis.

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