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Access hands-on and experiential learning experience with our Data School designed is designed to help data enthusiasts pivot seamlessly to tech and start a career in analytics and data strategy, as well as help professionals advance in the data science and data analytics space.

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Available Courses

With CodeSchool Africa, you learn digital skills that put you ahead.

Data Science Fellowship

Learn the key and fundamental concepts and new skills for approaching and solving data problems. Here you will be diving into data gathering, and understanding the guiding principles behind an unbiased and efficient data analytics process

This course helps you learn everything you need to be a Data scientist in 4 months, with a capstone project to start building your portfolio, you would be job-ready!

Duration: 4 Months

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Data Incubator Program

Seamlessly and efficiently analyze raw data, generate actionable insights, and visualize them using comprehensive reports & chart that communicates your findings

Our Data Incubator program is designed for very early professionals introduces you to the world of data analysis and helps you kick-start your tech career.

This course helps you learn everything you need to start a career as a Data Analyst in 8 weeks.  

Duration: 6 weeks (60 hours)
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Data Accelerator Program

Analyze, process and model big data and interpret data to help companies and managers make better and faster decisions and create actionable plans for companies and other organizations.

The Data Accelerator Program is designed to help professionals and those with the working knowledge of Data Analytics data strategy, and database management, helping them to bring the value of Big Data Analytics to their current roles.

Duration: 8 weeks
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