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We are at the forefront of Innovating skills for a digital economy. Our school is designed to help you kickstart your career in becoming an expert in your chosen career

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Top Programs

With CodeSchool Africa, you learn digital skills that put you ahead.

Programming School

Our programming school is an in-depth, flexible, hybrid training program that efficiently prepares you for a successful career in web and app development.

If you have grit, curiosity, and a brain that likes to solve puzzles, then our programming school will help you develop
and hone your skills in the world of programming.

Our programming school is designed to kickstart your career in becoming a web developer within few weeks.

Data Science School

CodeSchool Africa is reinventing education through teaching Data Science courses that are relevant, practical and sought after in all industries.

Our students learn valuable tech skills in Data Science, to help them effectively transition from non-tech roles to tech roles seamlessly. 

Our curriculum is constantly refreshed with the latest developments in data and technology, this is to ensure learning is immediately applicable in any tech role.

Our data science school is designed to kickstart your career in becoming a data analyst within a few weeks.

Design School

Our design school is designed to kickstart your career in becoming a Product Designer within a few weeks.

With our detailed and well-structured curriculum you will learn current best practices and conventions in Product Design and apply them to create effective and compelling screen-based experiences for websites or mobile apps using Adobe Xd or Figma.

Our students learn to sketch and replicate their sketches using various product design software, color theory, design usability for developers, prototyping, creating user research and user persona, journey mapping, user flow etc.

Our Product Design classes (online and in-person) are fun and creative, you would love them.

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